Game Developing
Game Title: Thermodynamic Cliff Diving
Tools Used: Unity, Gimp, Visual Studio Code, Spriter's Resource
Coding Language: C#
Github: Thermodynamic Cliff Diving Github

To Do:
- Animations: Idle, Walking, Jumping(Rise/Fall), Crouch Idle, Crouch Movement, Teleport To, Teleport From
- Movement: Walking, Jumping(Rise/Fall), Crouch Movement, Teleport To, Teleport From
- End conditions
- Health bar, move counter
- Power-Ups: Speed, Teleport, Move Increase, Energy Replenish
- Change between levels

Go to the outermost level and return without depleting health(energy) and without using up moves.
Health must be 100% before teleport power-up can be used. The number of health bars reflects the level number the player is on (three health bars if player is on level three, one health bar if player is on level one.)
Teleports move player two levels (from level 1 to level 3, or from level 6 to level 4)

Day 1:
- Import sprites
- place objects in scene area

Day 2:
- player can move and jump
- idle animation is working
- horizontal sprite flip works

- player moves too fast when jumping
- need to change animation sprites between:
- - idle and walking
- - idle and jumping
- - walking and jumping

- highlight current hexagon (glow effect, maybe?)
- highlight hexagon path taken
- darken hexagons touched twice
- add power-ups
- add health bar
- move count
- add end condition
- add teleport mechanic
- add multiple characters

Day 3:
- walking animation working
- jump mechanic works

Day 4:
- Started over:
- - completed:
- - walking mechanic
- - jump mechanic
- - crouch animation and mechanic

- complete jump animation (rise/fall)
- add power-ups
- add start/end

Day 5:
- jump/fall mechanics and animations work
- added a couple of power-up sprites

In coming weeks:
- Work on teleportation
- End condition
- change levels
- add health/moves
- make platforms move

Day 6 (Yesterday)
- Created a basic examine/pickup mechanic
- Game pauses, screen dims with a picture and description of item appearing on the screen.

Day 7 (Sunday, Aug 15)
- Added item pickup.
- Ran into an issue with falling through platforms. This has been fixed.
- I didn't update then because I had a very busy weekend.

Days 8, 9:
- Removed crouching
- Removed examining items
- Added moving platforms
- Added health bar.

- - Inventory window will not close after using an item.
- Next, I will work on beginning and ending a stage/level.
- *Edit: Inventory will now close; I set the object to Player instead of None. This caused the player is become hidden.
- Inventory supports stack-able items; will work on maximum items in a stack.
- Imported the Simple Free Pixel Art UI Pack for the inventory screen and maybe some other screens.
- Worked on scenery/layout.

Day 10: Sat. Aug 28:
- One of the items wasn't counting the stacked items.
- - Turns out, the name of items cannot have spaces in them.
- - Count is now displayed when items stack.
- Added main menu, Laws screen, Control screen, All buttons on the menus work.
- Added turn count with player restart after reaching X turns.
- Added pause screen with exit button.

Day 11: Thursday, Sept 2:
- Added a restart border around play area.
- When a player collides with the border, the player is sent back to the start.

Day 12: Friday, Sept 3:
- Added one-way platforms

Day 13: Sunday, Sept 5:
- World building, added movement count to vertical movement and horizontal movement.
- Moves are counted when player moves: left, right, down, and jumps.

Day 14: Saturday, Sept 25:
- Platforms change color

In the coming weeks, I will be doing some world building.