Some interesting places around the internet. Cliché, I know. And I don't care what you think. These are some places I think you will enjoy. Links will open in a new window (or tab), unless otherwise noted.

Links in the Miscellaneous category: When I get links three links or more in a related category, I will add the category to this page, at the bottom, but above Miscellaneous.

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Puppy Linux
A very lightweight linux distro. Easy to use and free. Can be installed to, run from, and saved to USB.

A linux distro all about preserving your privacy.

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An interesting little game. Mouse controlled (wherever the cursor is, the creature will follow. Clicking and holding increases speed of creature).

Realms of Kaos
An on-line role playing game. Realms of Kaos (RoK) has the look and feel of a MUD, but has a graphical interface. This can be played with a mouse or keyboard.

Another RPG, but this one is written entirely in Java and can be played in most browsers. Buying a membership opens up more quests and skills, where the free-to-play just gives you a taste of the game.

Independent gaming website. Users upload their games and you play them. It's free to sign up, but not required to play most games.

Papers, Please
You are a border guard for the fictional country Arstotzka.

Engine like Realms of Kaos, not quite as detailed. No combat, mostly imagination. With Furries. I downloaded this because I like making dreams. I may post one of my dreams here some day.

RPG Classics
Walkthroughs for old games.

Adventure Game Studio
Make your own adventure game.

Republia Times
You are a newspaper editor for the Republia Times.

Like Kongregate.

Has games and forums. Anime-style.

Like Tamagotchi, but goth.


Cat Mario
The Cat Mario game.

Minutor - OSX/Linux/Windows 2.0.1
A mapping tool for Minecraft. minutor Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8
Minecraft 1.8 Resource Pack for Minutor. Pink tiles are defined and have the appropriate color.

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Smooth McGroove's Channel
This guy creates acapella arrangements of game music.

Jordan Owen's Channel
Musician, author, activist. He's an intelligent guy that I enjoy listening to. Be wary of language; he does use foul language at times, but not often. Subject matter is mostly for adults; you should probably watch/listen at home.

Science majors, nerds, geeks, this channel is for you...primarily.

Tommy Edison's Channel
You might know him as The Blind Film Critic. This channel, however, gives us sighted people insight into how a blind person interacts with the world.

Toy Reviews with Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart's toy review channel. The toys are more recent.

The Toy Channel
Mike Mozart shares his collection of toys with this channel. This is like the Toy Reviews channel, but the toys are older.

Jeepers Media
JeepersMedia is one of Mike Mozart's YouTube channels. He's a toy designer and used to be an illustrator that illustrated many books and packages for many toys. He never reveals which companies he worked for, though. He has also designed toys.

Epic Rap Battles of History
They take two historical (or mythological) figures and both rap battle against each other.

The Unknown Cameraman
Urban exploration videos. For those who may not know what urban exploration is: it is exploring abandoned buildings.

Schmoyoho's Channel
Songify this!

Haunted Earth
Documents paranormal activity.

A Weebl series.

AronRa's Channel
YouTube personality. Subject matter is Biology, heavy on evolution.

MrWeebl's Channel
Flash animations.

Coffee With Claire
YouTube personality. Famous for Dimbulb of the Week and Geodyssey.

How To Cook That
How to cook/make edible works of art.

The Simple Cooking Channel
Shows you how to cook. Makes cooking simple and easy.

Sammy1Am's Channel
YouTube personality, I subscribed to him because he makes music with floppy drives.

TeEnZiE's YouTube Channel
Another URBEX channel, this time in Scotland (? correct me if I'm wrong..not quite sure.).

DarkMatter2525's Channel
YouTube personality; makes flash animations of a religious nature.

Like Vsauce, but more along the lines of things you can buy and neat things to see.

Like Vsauce2, but more along the lines of toys.

Crash Course
Crash courses in various subjects.

The Atheist Experience
Uploads of the public television show The Atheist Experience.

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Nerds & Geeks

Anything you want to know you Apple II computers, from what they are to writing your own software.

Has items ranging from computer geeks to chemistry nerds to anyone knowledgable in the other sciences. Also has items for fans of shows such as: Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. Who.

Buy parts and accessories for your computer.

News computer nerds care about.
If you see any program that you don't recognize in your task manager, this is the place to find out what it is.

Tom's Hardware
From the layman to the most experienced, this place can help you with any computer problem.

Bleeping Computer
Same as Tom's Hardware.

WinWorld - Abandonware and Pre-Release Software
Has Operating Systems (for just about every system), from the past seven years back.

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From Wikipedia: "Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser and its Blink engine [...] claims to block website trackers and remove intrusive Internet advertisements. The browser also claims to improve online privacy by sharing less data with advertising customers."

From Wikipedia: "DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results."
Search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue.
Learn how not to design a website.

Toast: A Simple CSS Framework
Responsive Grid layout.
"The worlds most private search engine."

Tor Project: Anonymity Online
If StartPage is "the worlds most private search engine," then Tor is the world's most private browser. However, you will not be able to use Flash at all. It's FREE!

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Excellent resource to learn new tags and which ones (or attributes) are obsolete.

The 24-Hour HTML Café
If you are looking for an easy to understand HTML tutorial, this is the best place to go. This site (and the book) helped me when I was learning HTML.

W3C CSS Validator
Checks your CSS and tell you what to correct.

Colorblind Web Page Filter
See if your website is colorblind accessible. Placed here because this is relevant to HTML/CSS.

Gives you several palettes based on a color you pick. Colors are in hexadecimal.

W3C Markup Validator
Checks HTML and tell you what to correct. Much like the CSS validator.

Visibone Webmaster's Color Lab
On-line, web-safe color picker. ALoows you to compare up to eight colors.

CSS Reference
Reference Chart for CSS, provided by W3C Schools.

HTML Reference
Reference chart for HTML, provided by W3C Schools.

HTML Color Picker
Color picker for HTML. Has different shades for the selected color. Provided by W3C Schools.

Learn to code here!

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Wigs for Kids
Like Locks of Love, but gives the kids wigs for free instead of charging them.

Doctors Without Borders
Also known as Medecins Sans Frontiers.

Tab For A Cause
"Save the world, one tab at a time. Raise money for charity with each new tab you open. Get the App. Be Charitable."

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BitsForClicks (Non Referral)
View ads for BTC, minimum payout: 0.15 mBTC

MoonBitcoin (Non Referral)
One of the best BTC faucets. Can claim whenever, as long as it has been at least five minutes since you last claimed. Satoshi accumulate inbetween claims, but slows down the more time there is between claims.

Ethereum Faucet (Non Referral)
Like a Bitcoin faucet. Must wait 5 minutes inbetween claims.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

SatoshiEight (Non Referral)
A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

A high paying Bitcoin faucet.

Ethereum Wallet
Free Ethereum wallet.

Free Bitcoin wallet.

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JeepersMedia on YouNow
Fan him, you'll be glad you did! Regular showings (once a day to once every few days)! When you fan him, you will recieve e-mail notifications of when he goes live. Shows can get a bit out of control at times.

Prezi - Ideas Matter
If you are familiar with PowerPoint, then this is its evolution. I found out about this through a group presentation (not one I was in).

American Atheists
Official website of the American Atheists

Charas Project
NPC and PC creation for RPG Maker and Adventure Game Studio, or for your own personal use.

Dragons and stuff. Also has the ClaWrite font (two versions as of March 10, 2014).

Clawrite fonts
The Clawrite fonts. These are True Type Fonts. Scroll down to "The Goods" to find them. - World of Game Music
Like that background music track from your favorite game? Get it here!

Color Clock
Converts the time to RGB or HEX colors. Change is in real time.

Painful Pleasures | Measuring Body Jewlery
Sizing charts for various piercings and jewlery.

Buy jewlery in different sizes and styles. They sell jewlery for various piercings.

Game Editor
Free software to make 2-D games.

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