Welcome to my personal site.

December 29/30, 2023 -- Changed website title. I've been working through some edX.org, under the Verizon Skill Forward program (it's free).

I didn't realize some anchor tags (the menu on the links page) were not the correct color. This has been fixed.

Added three links.

Navigation bar: CSS-Tricks.com
Pulsating links: Florin-Pop.com
CRT lines: alecowens.com

By the way, the "OBEY" Cross is still here: OBEY CROSS. Opens in a new window, file named to "removed_image.png". Long story short: I made this image and uploaded it to a merchandising site. Someone claimed copyright infringement and it got removed with no questions asked (the website removed it, not me). I didn't have a chance to explain myself, nor did I have any clarification on what exactly was infringing. I don't use that site anymore and I have uploaded the image here for you to use for your own personal comsumption.