Welcome to my personal site.

March 27, 2021 -- I added a couple more links to my side hustle page. They use the url shortner ShrinkMe.io. When someone clicks a link shortened by ShrinkMe, the user can skip the ad or interact with it. Either way, both ShrinkMe and I get paid per click. The side hustle page is optional....just something I'm trying out.

March 26, 2021 -- I have added a side hustle page. No, I won't plaster my site with ads; I will contain any advertisements in the side hustle page.

I also removed the theme buttons.

March 9, 2021 -- Added a games page, basically for me to learn JavaScript and anything else related to browser-based games. No multiplayer, though.

I am working on dynamic theme changing. My problem is, is that the change only affects the navigation bar, and not the whole site. TheSiteWizard.com has a couple of tutorials that look promising (JavaScript and Alternate CSS).

October 30, 2020 -- Added color schemes: Ruby, Amber, Emerald, Cobalt, and Amethyst. Trying to figure out how to allow visitors to change the colors. I also moved the navigation bar back to the left.

October 15, 2020 -- Changed the colors and got rid of the backgrounds in the navigation bar and footer. I felt this aligns better with the minimalist approach I prefer when I'm browsing the web.

I updated my Furcadia dream and skin. Both are linked on the projects page. I got back into Furcadia because I miss working on my dream. Really that's the only reason I played it; to explore other dreams and use those as inspiration for my own dream.

I've been off and on Furcadia since about 2001/2002. It would get boring and I'd leave, or people would be rude and I'd leave. Furcadia still seems to be the same: people going AFK, although that wasn't much of a problem 20 years ago. Other the years, people have gotten ruder, or have been AFK, so I don't have anyone to RP with, or chat with.....so I stick to working on my dream, or exploring other dreams.

October 8, 2020 -- I used the underground color scheme from the NES game Super Mario Brothers and added a new dropdown menu. Any time I tried to work on my site, something would always come up. While this is a low priority for me, I'd like to maintain it regularly.

Navigation bar: CSS-Tricks.com
Pulsating links: Florin-Pop.com
CRT lines: alecowens.com

By the way, the "OBEY" Cross is still here: OBEY CROSS. Opens in a new window, file named to "removed_image.png". Long story short: I made this image and uploaded it to a merchandising site. Someone claimed copyright infringement and it got removed with no questions asked (the website removed it, not me). I didn't have a chance to explain myself, nor did I have any clarification on what exactly was infringing. I don't use that site anymore and I have uploaded the image here for you to use for your own personal comsumption.