Most Exclusive Website

I heard about Most Exclusive Website from a VSauce3 video and decided to check it out. Basically, you get a ticket (free) and wait your turn to enter the site. You can leave the browser open and do other things, so you don't have to sit and watch the site while you wait. It is a good idea to have part of the page in view, just in-case you are admitted. You must stay on that page after you get your ticket. Should you get disconnected, close the browser, or shut off your computer, you will lose your place in line.

No, I did not sit at my computer until my turn came up. I kept the page open and checked periodically.

Most Exclusive Website -- Before Ticket
This is what you see when you go to the website.

Most Exclusive Website -- After Ticket
This is what you see after you get your ticket.

The following link shows the contents of this website. Click it if you want to see. Do not click it if you do not like spoilers. This is your only warning.

This is what you see when you get in.

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