This is a rant on all YouTubers like Markiplier, whether they are more popular, or less popular, or on the same level as him. I'm tired of seeing the same thing on YouTube and tired of seeing YouTubers fall into this. I, like many others, want new content, fresh ideas, quality content, but no.....the 12 and under brigade dictates what is popular, and what we as "the masses" want.

I discovered this guy's channel a few years ago (2013 or 2014), and subbed to him because I liked his commentary and his voice. Soon after, I noticed the only things he had going for him are his looks and voice. He can't act, nor does he have anything constructive to say about the games he plays.

I unsubscribed from him about a year after I has subscribed to him. I got tired of his same old commentary of, "that was a good game! Go play it!" with no criticism what-so-ever. That is not a review (I recall in one of his videos he said that he reviews games, can't remember which video. If I find it, I'll link it here.). If you want to know how to review games properly, read PC Gamer. A review should be unbiased, critical, points out the bad and adds constructive crisicism to improve, and praises the good. There is one game he played that was utter garbage, and he mentioned that it was terrible, but he still did not properly review it. If you are going to review games, then make sure they are actual reviews. 15-30 minutes of your gameplay footage with your voiceover ontop of that, with your voiceover being the review.

His commentary consists of "dicks and butts" and "dicks in butts," and if he is playing a horror game, "what is that?" for a good two or three minutes. Sprinkle in some screams and random gibberish during any gameplay and you have commentary that only a two year old with ADHD will love. It's fine to say, "what is that?" a couple of times; you were surprised or you saw something out of the corner of your eye. Understandible. My problem is repeating the same sentence for a good two/three/ten minutes because you think it is funny. Hint: it isn't. Repeating the same thing ad nausium makes you look stupid and you will come off as uneducated. Markiplier seems to enjoy hearing himself talk (most people do, not holding this against him), but he does it in such a way that he doesn't add anything to the game or make the experience enjoyable. It is one thing to sort out your thoughts by speaking out loud, it is another to speak gobbledygook because you think it is funny. It isn't.

I am aware that he also tells stories during his gameplays (not relevant to his "reviews"). My problem with him telling stories is that he never finishes them. He will get to a good point then stop, forget about what he said ten seconds ago, then begin another story. If you want to tell a story, great. Make sure you outline what you are going to say during your video, or--better yet--do a voiceover for your story. That way, you don't get interrupted by something "scary" and forget your place in the story.

Let's not forget the overdone, forced/faked reactions whenever he plays a horror game (or anything that as a small amount of surprise). This makes for a boring and unenjoyable experience. I'd rather have an honest low-energy reaction versus a faked high-energy one. With the honest reaction, I get a better connection to the person playing the game. With the faked reaction, I...I get nothing. I don't want to watch the video anymore and will go to another video. If faked/forced reactions work for this guy, great. However, it will not last (I'm sure he's aware), and Markiplier will need to reinvent himself, or appeal to a more mature, quality content demanding audience.

He has several channels, that he cannot keep separate. He has skits on his GAME channel, for example. A game channel should be a channel dedicated to playing games, interviews with game designers, game reviews, console reviews, gaming news, and animations of game plays (not entriely relevant, but I'll let that slide). Skits, or live-action videos (unless game/gaming related), should not be on a gaming channel. How can he combat this? He can direct viewers to his other channels by saying, "I have a new skit up on my other channel, it's funny, go watch it. Link in the description." Then, he sould actually put the link to the video in the diescription. He shouldn't clutter up his gaming channel with irrelevant videos because he can't be bothered to say "here is my other channel: markiplierACTING, check it out! It has funny stuff on it!" No, that would be too difficult.

On top of that, has he ever donated to charity? I'm not talking about the times he says he did. I'm not talking about the time he held charity livestreams (the viewers make donations). I'm talkign about times he opened his wallet and gave a few dollars to an animal shelter, or, shown evidence that he did donate $1,000's or dollars to a local charity. I cannot take his word for it; I need to see his paypal/bank account (transactions and amounts only) before I believe him. His charity livestreams are a joke. The viewers make donations, not him. If he said, "Every 100 viewers equals $1,000 donated to charity X, and we will take the most viewers we had during the entire stream to determine how much to donate." Something liek that, then show evidence of actually donating the money. Don't say you donated the money. How do I know you actually did? How do I know you didn't pocket the money? I don't, and I don't believe you donated to charity. No one should believe you until you have shown evidence of donation. You are a big YouTuber, and something like this could break you. It is better to be honest and transparent rather than rely on belief.

One of the biggest reasons I unsubscribed from Markipler is that his videos were not that great of quality. His older videos, from when he first started are fine, but his videos the past few years have been garbage. Qantity over quality is his motto. It's sad, really. I respect a YouTuber more if they upload once every six months, but their videos are good, maybe not high-professional-quality, but they are decent videos, and it looks like effort was put into the production. I will not repect a YouTuber who uploads twice per day and all they do is scream for ten minutes. That is not entertainment. That is uploading videos for the sake of uploading. There is no effort put into that, and we, the viewers, can tell.

I think Markiplier is doing this because he can't do anything else(I am aware he is taking lessons for various things), and he wants to milk YouTube until his subscribers grow up and jump ship. Instead of creating a channel to showcase what he as learned at his lessons, he wastes it on making garbage videos. Instead of improving himself, or reinventing himself, he wastes it on making trash content. If I was Markiplier, I would: 1) create a new channel, if I didn't already and upload my skits, 2) advertise that channel on my gaming channel, every new upload gets a plug. It's more professional and makes you look like you have your stuff together. Having all of your videos in one location(talking about channels that "specialize") makes you look disorangized, unprofessional, and you appear not not have your stuff together.

I know some of you are foaming at the mouth, ready to give me a piece of your mind. Look, everyone is entitled to their opinions; I'm entitled to mine, as you are entitled to yours. I have not attacked Markipler, only criticised his actions, and game some information on how to imporove. There is nothing wrong with that: criticism does not equal an attack. If you think I'm attacking Markiplier, then show me where and explain how it is an attack.

Anyway, the way things are going now, I think it would be better if I began entertaining myself instead of attempting to sift through the wasteland that is YouTube for a rare chance to find gold......I think I'm better off entertaining myself.

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