Spring Trap

People have been saying that if you reverse the name "Spring Trap," you will get either: "Their Parts," or something related to Autumn (the season). Spring Trap reversed is Part Gnirps.

Being the curious little imp that I am, I decided to look up the word gnirps, because I wanted to see for myself. Here is what I found:

From the Merriam-Webster Website:

From Dictionary.com:

From the Cambridge Free English Dictionary and Thesaurus Website (using the American English dictionary):

I checked Google Translate (it thought gnirps was Icelandic):

I also checked The American Heritage Dictionary 4th edtiion to see if it was in there.

As you can see the word "gnirps" does not exist in the English language (not currently, anyway), and from what Google Translate provided, it does not exist in any other language. Keep in mind that translations are rarely 100%. It could be a slang term, or the word might not be in the translation dictionary yet.

Stop telling people that "Gnirps Part" translates to "Their Parts." It does not. Do some research before spouting stuff like this. By the way, this took me about 10 minutes (going to the sites, taking the screen captures (and photo), cropping them, then resizing them on the page (click on images to full size)). It did not take long at all.

"But...but on Answers.com it says it means Autumn!"
That is one person answering on one page on one website. The person answering didn't even put their sources! Their source was the internet. No specific websites. Just "the internet." I went to four websites (one with a questionable reputation (translations are rarely 100%)) and one book. I think the evidence speaks for itself. If gnirps was an alternative was to write/say Autumn, or if it means "theirs", I would have seen it in at least two dictionaries, but I did not find gnirps in any dictionary.

Unless you can provide evidence that gnirps is actually a word in a currently spoken language, then you should just keep this to yourself.

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