Video Walkthroughs
Depending on the game, these can be useful but more often than not, they aren't. Most of the time, a video walkthrough is not needed. Often times, the video walkthough has horrid quality, and a screenshot or text would suffice.

The quality is not what I would consider walkthrough quality. By that, I mean a typical walkthough is obscenely pixelated and, if you are playing a Point-N-Click for example, you wouldn't know where the user was clicking or what item they have in their inventory. A low quality video is a poor choice for games that require accuracy or a need to be precise.

For most games, a screenshot or a text walkthrough would suffice (or both). It isn't difficult to take a screenshot and place circles where items are, or write out:

--Room 1--
Do this
Look at that
Go here

Another problem is that the player has to scroll through to find the area they are stuck in. This becomes an issue when the game is a Point-N-Click where the player may have gained items in a different order than the person playing the game. Then the player has to scroll back to a previous time in the video to find a certain item, which detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

"What's so hard about scrolling through a video? There are thumbnails that pop up when you mouse over the timeline." Sometimes those thumbnails are there. It's not difficult to scroll; it's having to spend more time searching a low quality video longer than the player actually playing the game.

If you are going to make a walkthrough, then it is your responsability to make sure the players can get what they need and not detract from the game. From now on, I rate any games with video walkthroughs with 1 star. I don't care how good your game is, it will get 1 star if it has a video walkthrough linked to it (from the game to the walkthrough).

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