"It is a slow day today," sighed ShadowOnca as she wipes the bar down. She sits on the NorthWestern facing red pillow stool and looks out the open archways. She lets out a longing sigh.

Shadow Onca remembers when Hawthorn was young and lively. The bar and adjacent restaurant were packed. Hardly room to walk around the fountain outside. Furres were friendly, the conversations engaging. One could make friends here.

When one travelled the path from the Vinca portal to the Watering Hole, the words "Friendship Hangout" could be read. At the corner of the words was a sign that made new people feel welcome. The roads to the Watering Hole were rainbow in color. Yes, this was the place to be when new to Furcadia...maybe all of Furcadia.

"...but that was twelve years ago," muttered ShadowOnca. As the years progressed, the place grew dark. Furres became elitist and selfish. Being friendly was seen as a sign of weakness. The place was changing.

"...that was about five years ago, muttered ShadowOnca, "before this place was called Hawthorn....when it was called New Haven and then Haven."

Today, Hawthorn is empty, save for a dream here and there and a couple of furres sitting about. The "Friendship Hangout" and Welcome signs are gone, replaced by a Silver Sponser portal as well as the portal to Dusk to Dawn is in the bar area and a portal to FurN outside the NorthEast exit. The paths leading to the Watering Hole are drab and uninviting. ShadowOnca looks around the bar and notices no change. She lets out a sigh and continues with her duities.

With the bar spotless, ShadowOnca heads towards Mycroft's in Meovanni.


"Maybe Mycroft's will have better business," thought ShadowOnca with the hope of someone to have an intelligent conversation with. Upon her arrival, the first thing she noticed was that this place had suffered the same fate, minus the name change.

"Oh how I wish I could go back....back to when this place was bustling...beer flowing out the tap...people carrying on without a care in the world." ShadowOnca reminisced about he Good Ol' Days. Mycroft's was just a popular as New Haven in it's heyday.

"Furcadia has changed in the last few years," she said with a sad look in her eyes with a hint of a twinkle. "There are still Furres here...Furres willing to talk....friendly Furres!" This short time of her return, ShadowOnca found the Olde Town. A place where she can be herself and chat with like-minded people.


Later in the evening, ShadowOnca returned to the Watering Hole, not expecting anyone. She returned because that was where she first experienced Furcadia. It was her home.

When she entered the bar, she noticed, to her suprise, a furre. A white furre. Could it be? Could the Watering Hole be on the way back to it's former glory?

"Hello," she initiated the conversation. The next move is this stranger's. The patron stares blankly as if in a trance. She waits a few minutes then begins her cleaning duties.

After ten minutes of silence, ShadowOnca leaves the bar by the back entrance. There are usually a few furres here....maybe they are willing to be social.

She takes a seat by the fire out behind the restaurant/bar. She notices a greyed squirrel..possibly AFK and a brightly colored dog.

"Hello," ShadowOnca says. Maybe they have their away mode set for a long time after sitting idle? She decided to continue on the path, looking for someone to converse with.

Every furre she passed was AFK.

"What has Furcadia come to? I can't hang out at my usual spots because they have been forgotten. New Haven died. NEw Haven.....my map....and Mycroft's. My old stomping grounds....my home...gone," she said with a cracked voice and tears in her eyes.


© 2014 IceMephit All rights reserved. Furcadia and all locations within are owned by Dragon's Eye Productions. This is a work of fiction using my character. ShadowOnca has been on and off Furcadia since 2000 under names such as Kamrade_Poi, Stormrider, and Bloodmonkey.

When ShadowOnca is AFK, chances are, she is working on her dream. Whisper her if you wish.

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