I strongly recommend that you run an adware scan and virus scan on these. I don't intentionally send out viruses, but one may have been attatched somewhere along the way. Read the disclaimer page before continuing.

World of Xeen Map Time (txt) 10 KB
I was curious about how much game time it took to cover both maps. These are the calculations. Notes are included in the file.

World of Xeen Map Mileage (txt) 6 KB
Same as above, but this covers mileage.

Descent: How Lore Got Some (zip) 2.5 MB
May not work, it has been over ten(10) years since I did anything with it.
Made in RPG Maker (I forgot which version). These are the files for the game. If you want to complete the game, download this. The full game will probably never get completed. Please credit Epsilon and myself (I am Sigma), as the creators if you do take it upon yourself to complete this game. If you do complete the game, it needs to be free to download.

ShadowOnca's Hideaway 2014 (zip) 2.4 MB
A dream I made on Furcadia.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall in C (zip) 3.3 KB

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall in Java (zip) 1.5 KB

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall in LOLcode (zip) 1.0 KB

Catleidoscope (zip) 10.5 MB
A website I made for a course I had to take. WARNING! Has bright colors that flash/change. Do not click if you are prone to seizures or have any other related medical conditions.

This was on my Games page, but moved it here. It is a breaout-type game written in JavaScript.